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Saturday, February 26, 2005

140' Tower of Ice

So, I read in the local paper (the News-Miner) that a guy living in Fox, Alaska decided to just put water up pipes and build the biggest tower of ice that he could in -40 weather. Here it is. A local ice climbing club (now THAT I cannot fathom - I can imagine people climbing ice. I can imagine clubs. A combination of the two???? And they said Star Trek fan clubs were strange) climbs up and puts more pipe and blue food coloring up at the top. They claim it's 140' now. It is big, and I'm not planning on taking a tape measure up and checking. I went with The Mrs. and The Boy and we looked at it two weeks ago, and they've gone up a lot since then. First time we were there, a flock of Japanese tourists were taking pictures. There are quite a few Japanese tour groups that come year round. Rumor has it they like the aurora. More on that later.


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