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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Aurora, Yet Again

This week, I got to see the Aurora.

I know I've mentioned it before, but this time, I got to see the Aurora.

Wow. Anything I saw before this was simply silly. This was quite literally the most awe inspiring sight of a natural nature that I've ever seen. To put it into words is really hard, but I'll try.

About 10pm on Tuesday we looked outside, and saw a tower of light shooting up from the northwest. We watched it, and it was stable for a while. Then, I got the bright idea that maybe there was more to it then you could see from the back picture window of the house. Was there ever. The wide band (wider than a full moon) went from northwest to southeast. The Mrs. bundled up and came outside to watch, too. As we watched, it evolved, it pulsed, the streams split, and motion was visible.

The Mrs. got cold and went inside. I stayed out. You could see waves moving up and down the Aurora, crashing soundlessly into one another, coherence meeting in turbulence. Secondary walls of light spikes formed, in colors of green, gold, red.

I eventually went inside as well. A few minutes later, I looked outside and saw nearly the entire sky erupt in a cascade of undulating green fire. It was moving as fast as a bad 1960's movie special effect.

Okay. I said I saw the Aurora. I guess I did, but this was something entirely different. Amazing.

I'd show you the pictures we took outside, but, again, the digital camera won't pick up a thing. I'm going to grin an evil grin now: guess you'll just have to see it for yourself.


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