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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Little House in the Massive North, By John Ingalls Wilder

So, somebody said I hadn't posted a picture of where we live. This one was taken about two months ago. Boxes are gone now, but the snow remains. To make the obvious even more so, it's a log cabin.

We live on the inside part.

It has an 'arctic' entry. In the Midwest, that'd be known as a mudroom. It is a nice feature, because you can put your dog in there.

Log cabins are, I hear, nice to have in your neighborhood. They're pretty to look at, but require (as it has been explained to me) continual massive maintenance to prevent them from collapsing into a flammable pile of unrelated sticks. I guess that's what the 24 hours of light in the summer are for - log home repair.

I'll update you as the repairs occur. Keep in mind, though, no building permits here, so heaven knows what sort of stuff I'll run into. The original builder was, umm, eccentric, according to the folks that knew him before he invented Spandex, moved to Hollywood, and married Angelina Jolie.


Blogger GoGo said...

That is fricklin beautifull.

I do not believe i have ever seen a log cabin wit a garage log cabin... garage.

5:11 PM  

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