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Monday, September 01, 2008

"You're lucky you got air conditioning in here like mother nature intended." - Eddie, Vegas Vacation


Pugsley wheels about his Tonka® dump truck. Which also has no AC. Do you see him complain?

This is the post wherein I describe what a despicable dastardly man I am.

As opposed to the 456 previous posts when I describe the same thing.

Anyhow, The Mrs. has a car she cannot part with. It’s our old, Alaska, Wildermobile. It’s got 147,000 miles and change on it, and she loves it dearly. It’s a four-wheel drive (perfect for navigating around Houston, at least after the nuclear apocalypse) and it’s been to the Arctic Circle and to Houston, as well as a myriad of points between. Not many cars have driven that much around our sweet continent.

Now, however, it’s developed a problem.

A summer problem, so in Houston that includes every month except January in a leap year.

It has no AC.

Oh, sure, you say, “What a whiner The Mrs. is, sitting in the hot, hot, humid, humid Houston afternoon t pick up her child. Why I once had to commute in the seventh circle of Hades. I didn’t have air conditioning, and I didn’t complain a whit.”

Okay, nobody says that.

I have made attempts.

When I found out our next door neighbor owned a car-fixing shop, I asked if they did AC work.

“Nope. When it needs work, it’s generally shot.”

Not only do they not fix that stuff, they don’t replace windows, or work on engines, or do body work. I’m not really sure what it is they fix at the car-fixing shop. Perhaps they specialize in replacing windshield wipers?

So, I went and grabbed a can of Freon (actually it’s not Freon, it’s R134a, which isn’t Freon at all, but sounds like a stupid name that George Lucas would have for a silly robot-muppet thing). Nothing. I then put it in the car’s air conditioning system. Still nothing.

Perhaps it wasn’t enough Freon. The Boy and I put a second can of Freon in. Presto. The air conditioning was spitting out chunks of ice and single-handedly reversing global warming.

The Mrs. was very pleased the next day when she picked up/dropped off our son.

The day after?

Nothing. The AC was again spitting out air warmer than the reception Al Gore gets from the three members of the Al Gore fan club at the Al Gore fan club meeting.

So, despite the fact that our sunspot count has reached a low not seen in at least 100 years (and, of course, sunspot counts are directly correlated with global temperature) thus it’s likely we’ll have some super cold weather shortly, not a bit of that weather will occur in The Mrs.’ car.

So, I’ll have to (shudder) take the car in to get it fixed, even though when the glaciers come to Texas, it’ll be silly to have AC.
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