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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tote 'em? I can barely lift 'em.

This was taken on Easter Sunday. It was snowing. Heck, it was snowing this morning. The Mrs., The Boy and I went off to visit some friends. As we got close, we saw this, so we took a picture, so we could share it with you. I always put you first.

While the totem pole is not an especially common sight, since there are no building codes or zoning laws most places, people tend to revel in their own independent spirit. So, if you've got the money (or time) and want a totem pole right out front of your house and Your Mrs. doesn't think that's a leaving-you offense, you just put one in. I imagine the very concept of this would make the gated community homeowners association mavens living Outside (Outside - noun - Alaskan term used for anyplace not Alaska) prepare for a stroke, (you simply can't paint your house that shade of beige, darling), but up here it's very common to see massive personalization of dwellings, (often this involves not putting siding on . . .).

I could make fun of this, but, fact is I'm thinking of putting a totem pole out front of our place. Mine will have bears. And maybe Captain Kirk. I think The Boy would vote for The Incredibles. Thank heaven he won't have a vote. I mentioned that to The Mrs. (not the Captain Kirk part) and she didn't say anything. Sounds like approval to me.


Blogger Woofwoof said...

Funny story. Every time I think about moving to Alaska, I just visit your site. It always cures me :)

11:18 AM  

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